Who We Are

Picture a team of five people, all wearing flip flops and t-shirts, sitting around a table scratching out ideas frantically on notepads (yes, paper ones). This is what our partner meetings look like. Smashed between the incessant sarcasm and frequent poking of fun, are some great ideas. And some times the ideas are revolutionary. This is how ProblemSolution HQ began.

Founded by a father, his two sons, and a family friend, Problem Solution HQ was started following a conversation about the future of small business and the vast changes to the landscape as a result of the digital age. Several conversations have followed that pivotal one and they usually begin something like this, “How can we help encourage people to develop their ideas into actionable small businesses? And, once they do, how can we help their business to grow and thrive?”

Who Are We, Really?

Our team of five (we added another family friend) has over 50 years collectively of small business and start up experience and we have made thousands of mistakes along the way. In fact, we get pretty personal about some of those mistakes in our blog.

Scott Davis

Self-employed half his life, Scott has now had the realization that he is unemployable, He founded ProblemSolutionHQ in an effort to help new business people and entrepreneurs shorten the learning curve. Basically, he wants to keep people from making all of the dumb mistakes that he’s made. He’s started over 20 businesses, had 3 fail and one destroyed by a tornado. Needless to say, Scott is excited to share the good, bad and the ugly to help tomorrow’s entrepreneurs.

Jake Davis

The “Front-man” of PSHQ, at 20 years old, Jake brings the millennial perspective to the team. Jake is our social media person and he is more often than not armed with a sarcastic comment. He is the host of The Next Entrepreneur Podcast and is dedicated to helping people be successful.

Julie Wilson

The “edgy” one of the bunch, Julie has never played by the rules, which is what led her to start her first business when she was 25 years old. She has started and developed several businesses and although they have all been within different industries, they have one thing in common: They all solve a real problem in an interesting way. When she isn’t banging her head against her keyboard or napping during a conference call, she is busy being supermom and can be spotted hauling teenagers from one sporting event to another.

Samuel Davis

Samuel is one semester away from receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from the University of Central Florida. He specializes in Ruby on Rails and Angular.js software development as well as IT. Samuel has been part of the development team at RedpointRack for two years and is always trying to learn new things. He is a member of the ProblemSolution HQ software and technical team.

Peter Sperry

“The not-edgy-but-still-highly-eccentric” one. After working with some massive organizations like Mitsubishi Electronics, Thule, Insite Software, and Carnival Cruise Lines, Peter went back to his entrepreneurial roots and started a consulting company, Redpoint Rack to help small and medium sized companies realize their dreams of software magic. Taking a practical approach to software development, he’s been a part of dozens of application development teams including ProblemSolution HQ, SplitCommerce, DunkoFunko, and others. In his native habitat he can be observed cleaning up messes left by a) software, b) his 3 kids, c) 2 cats, or d) all of the above.